Biyernes, Marso 7, 2014

2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab Wants to Keep Rear-Hinged Back Doors, Likely to Open Wider

Pondering how the 2015 Ford F-150 will be various from the current-generation vehicle? Aim to its back doors.

Talking facing a small audience of market analysts and reporters this week, Ford trucks advertising manager Doug Scott exposed a few tips of just what to expect on the next-generation Ford F-150 full-size pick-up. He said Ford took a look at exactly how customers utilized their SuperCab vehicles-- associate small, rear-hinged doors on the prolonged taxis. Most use it for extra storage rather than passenger-hauling.

When loading in things, he said Ford F-150 customers choose rear-hinged doors, however he wishes to see a few modifications to them, specifically the angle at which the doors swing open. In present SuperCab designs, the rear-hinged doors open up at 90 levels; Scott stated he 'd like to see them open at a full 180 levels. The current configuration could make it tough for passengers to get out with both doors on the side open in a tight car park, often catching them; we even directed this out in our own Ford F-150 review. The 180-degree arrangement would permit a less complicated exit.

Trucks from Chrysler's Ram division supply front-hinged doors on their full-size associate lengthy taxis, and General Motors is switching from rear-hinged to front-hinged little doors on extensive taxi versions for 2014. This enables them to place a column in the middle, assisting with structural bracing in collision screening. Scott confesses that assists, yet he didn't presume as to say it's required to pass government crash security standards.

The advertising and marketing supervisor stated some ideas from the Ford Atlas pick-up, assessed at the 2013 North American International Automobile Show, would certainly make their means to both the 2015 Ford F-150 and the Super Responsibility models, explaining concerning its tailgate-mounted lift for carrying longer items on its roofing shelf. Yet, sadly, the Atlas was just right stuff of principles, a signal for Ford's future pickup direction yet not, as Ford spokespeople additionally stated, a clear take a look at the next-generation full-size vehicle.

Still, it's anticipated that the following F-150 will certainly declare various other advancements like an aluminum-intensive weight-savings strategy and probably even in-bed storage along the lines of the RamBox. We'll know soon sufficient, as the 2015 Ford F-Series nears its introduction.